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Presenter at Dreaming and Awakening Retreat

September 16th, 2011

How would you like to go on vacation to a remote tropical island for 10 days to learn and practice lucid dreaming with world renown researcher Dr. Stephen LaBerge from the Lucidity Institute? Well that is exactly what the “Dreaming and Awakening” retreat is all about. It happens about twice a year at a remote yoga retreat center called Kalani located at the South East corner of the Big Island of Hawaii. The next one takes place November 5th to 14th 2011.

The first time I attended was in 2004 when I was doing research and interviews for a documentary on Lucid Dreaming called: “Explorers of the Lucid Dream World“. After I completed the documentary I stayed in communication with the Lucidity Institute. In 2010 they invited me back as an assistant and a presenter. Since then I have attended 3 retreats, and am schedule to go in November. They have placed my picture and bio on the “Dreaming and Awakening” website.

If this event is something you are interested in going to, let me know. There are scholarships available for researchers and dreamers who may not be able to pay the full cost.