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Fast Cheap or Good

February 9th, 2016

Fast Cheap or Good Venn DiagramI do a wide range of freelance web design and development work. From PHP object oriented programing, to graphic design. I pride myself in being a well rounded developer. I enjoy taking on new challenges, learning the latest technology, and providing good quality work. One aspect I always need to establish when working on a new project, is what are the priorities. These priorities influence decisions I make when planning out the best solutions for the situation.

A simple way to see it is to decide what is the most important: Fast, Cheap or Good? You can choose 1 or 2, but you cannot have all 3.

I always strive to do a good job with anything I work on, but it is equally important to stay within budget and meet the deadline. Good Fast work is my favorite. That is when I focus all of my attention on the project and get it working. I also appreciate clients who are low budget but give me a lot of time to get it done. In that case I can take on many projects and priorities them accordingly.