Richard Hilton

Richard HiltonRichard Graham Hilton is a web developer and documentary filmmaker. He founded Bulb Media when he began producing short videos and informative websites around 2001. His goal is to lead and contribute to creative projects that uplift, education, and enrich the lives of those involved.

Richard studied website design and motion graphics at California State University Monterey Bay in 2003. While there he focused his attention on documentary film making with an emphasis on new media and 3D animation, while doing freelance website design on the side.

In 2004 he completed a documentary about Lucid Dreaming called Explorers of the Lucid Dream World. The DVD has 1 hour and 30 minutes of special features. Some of these works include previous projects he made such as: Ultra Ping Pong 3000, Tattoos – More than Skin Deep, and Oneironauts Flash Animation.

After graduating from CSU Monterey Bay in 2005, Richard worked full time in San Diego California doing IT (Information Technology) for 3 years at a company called Next Solutions Inc. During that time he learned a lot about networks, business development, and website design. From writing proposals, to designing websites, Richard completed many custom projects for a range of clients.

Creativity, wisdom, and adventure are qualities Richard seeks out in everyday life. Since 1998 Richard has been fascinated with vivid and lucid dreams. He has done public talks and facilitated many workshops that teach people how to get lucid in a dream. He has worked as an assistant to the Lucidity Institute, and helps facilitate the Dreaming and Awakening retreat in Hawaii.

In 2008, Richard moved to Santa Barbara to work as a web developer for an online media company called CMC Media (which merged with Spark Interactive). in 2009 He took time off to work on a documentary project called “Vehicle for the Soul” which uses 3d animation, audience participation, and interview with experts to spreads esoteric information about health and wellness.

in 2010 he moved back to San Diego to work on an e-commerce website that sells doors and windows called Discount Door and Window. He also takes time to work on side projects that are inspiring and uplifting. He maintains a site called You Can Lucid Dream to teach lucid dreaming. He also has a quote website called Quote Lotus.

Richard has worked full time at a website design firm called Dog and Rooster, Inc. While there he has gained experience as a project manager. He works with customers and programmers to build company websites with custom web applications. Later on in 2013, he worked as a front end developer at a company called RedOrum for a few projects. Since then he has returned to doing freelance work.

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