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Vehicle for the Soul 17-Minute Online Documentary

December 13th, 2011

Vehicle For The Soul DVD CoverVehicle for the Soul: Qi and Coherence is a 17-minute documentary on the Eastern perspective of energy movement in the body known as Qi mixed with the Western science of bio-feedback. It was fueled by creative passion to explore and share inspiring health information to family, friends, community and the internet. I collaborated with LeAnne Thomason who is a skilled acupuncturist, healer, and close friend who shares this vision of spreading health, wellness, and uplifting wisdom.

We decided to use audience participation, 3D animation, and formal interviews to make it as engaging and beneficial as possible. It was internally funded and supported by donations and volunteers, which gave us the freedom to take the project in any direction we wanted. It was an incredible experience that we learned a lot from. Our vision was larger than what we had made time for, so within the year we worked on it we only completed the first part of a three part script. Recently we have put the documentary on our website to be watched online for free. Hope you enjoy it.

Learn more about Qi, Breath work, and heart coherence, by clicking “Watch” from the main menu of the Vehicle for the Soul website: www.VehicleForTheSoul.com