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Bulb Media Website re-Design

September 14th, 2011

Old BulbMedia Website screenshot from 2007 to 2010Bulb Media was first setup in 2004 to be a home for my portfolio and blog. It was originally BulbMedia.NET because .COM was not available. In 2007 BulbMedia.COM became available so I setup a wordpress blog and have been using it up to now.

4 years have passed, and I have decided to re-design it to more accurately represent my web design ability. The new site launched September 14th 2011 and it is now the official Bulb Media Website. To see the old site visit the Old Bulb Media site

I did make 1 minor mistake that I will learn from: I launched the site by changing the host and DNS (Domain Name Servers). The website transitioned very smoothly, but my E-mail went down for 1 hour! I had to update the MX records on the new DNS servers to get it to work again. In the future I will only change DNS servers late at night, in case something like that goes wrong again.