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DreamHost Green Web Hosting

January 10th, 2013

dreamHostI host the majority of my websites with DreamHost since 2008. I have had a good experience with them and recommend them to anyone who asks me about web hosting. Their administrator panel is easy to use and has a lot of features. I use unlimited hosting so I can host all my sites in one place. I also use Their 50 Gigabyte FTP backup for my personal files.

This Site Is GreenDreamHost is an all around good company. They are carbon neutral and allow you to show off your own site as being hosted carbon neutral with the button to the left. They offer free hosting to non-profit Organizations.

DreamHost has an affiliate program that rewards me for each person I refer to them. As an added incentive, I can share the reference money with you in the form of a discount to your service. Below is a link that gives me credit for referring you, and gives you $70 off per year. Which means you would only pay $50 per year for unlimited hosting. The usual cost for unlimited hosting is about $120 per year.

Here is a link to Dream Host with affiliate code and promotion already code included, all you have to do is sign up after clicking on this link:
(Discount code: ripple.)

DreamHost has an entertaining E-mail newsletter, and a good office environment. They are located in Los Angeles California. Here is a video that is a Day at DreamHost:

Contact me if you have any questions about DreamHost that I can help you with. Or visit their website: www.dreamhost.com