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Digital Printing and Graphics – Better, Faster, and for Less

July 17th, 2013

digitalprintingsd.com website screenshot August 2013Digital Printing and Graphics is a print company in San Diego that hired me to setup their website. As a consultant I pay close attention to what the client wants and focus on providing the best solutions for their unique situation. They already had some graphic design work done, and wanted a simple website that allowed them to edit and update over time. They also wanted a better way for clients to transfer files to them.

I setup a WordPress Content Management System, with a customized responsive design theme. This allows for an employee to login and update content without having any web development background. digitalprintingsd.com responsive design screenshot August 2013The responsive design allows for the website to change shape as the browser gets smaller, making it easily viewable in a smart phone or tablet. The website provided pricing information, and background about the company.

Digital Printing and Graphics requires a file transfer solution for receiving files from their customers. They already had an old in-house dedicated FTP server, but it had some bugs. I reloaded the server with Windows 7 on a new hard drive, and setup a web based FTP application called: CrushFTP. The new FTP server has a more user friendly web interface, allows multiple file uploads at once, and is reliably stable.

All this work took 30 hours to complete, and the website launched within 2 weeks from when I started. The customer is happy with the results. Since the site launched he has been adding new content and writing blog posts.  To view how the site looks today, go to: digitalprintingsd.com

After working with Digital Printing and Graphics I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a fast, friendly, and affordable printing solution in San Diego. They are ideal for things like Flyers, Poster, Business Cards and Brochures. When you speak to them, tell them what you think of their website. They would enjoy the feedback.