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You Can Lucid Dream

April 10th, 2012

You Can Lucid Dream LogoI have been teaching lucid dreaming techniques and information for the past few years. One of my goals is to convey as much information in as short of time as possible. Recently I organize it down to 7 things you need to know to have a successful lucid dream experience. These 7  things can be shared within 10 minutes, but each subject can be expanded on and talked about for hours. When I have more time to go into details, I use metaphors, quotes, stories, and examples to make the presentation more interesting. Read more…

Presenter at Dreaming and Awakening Retreat

September 16th, 2011

How would you like to go on vacation to a remote tropical island for 10 days to learn and practice lucid dreaming with world renown researcher Dr. Stephen LaBerge from the Lucidity Institute? Well that is exactly what the “Dreaming and Awakening” retreat is all about. It happens about twice a year at a remote yoga retreat center called Kalani located at the South East corner of the Big Island of Hawaii. The next one takes place November 5th to 14th 2011.

The first time I attended was in 2004 when I was doing research and interviews for a documentary on Lucid Dreaming called: “Explorers of the Lucid Dream World“. After I completed the documentary I stayed in communication with the Lucidity Institute. In 2010 they invited me back as an assistant and a presenter. Since then I have attended 3 retreats, and am schedule to go in November. They have placed my picture and bio on the “Dreaming and Awakening” website.

If this event is something you are interested in going to, let me know. There are scholarships available for researchers and dreamers who may not be able to pay the full cost.

Lucid Dream Workshop July 2011 in San Diego

July 9th, 2011

This workshop will include everything you need in order to have vivid, meaningful and lucid dreams in your life. It includes instructions on an effective technique that can be tried at home on your own. No previous experience required. Both beginners and advanced dreamers welcome. All you need is interest.Lucid Dream Workshop in San Diego July 2011

  • 90 minute workshop that covers:
    • Important dream recall information
    • Sleep and dream science from Lucidity Institute
    • How to maintain an on-going dream practice
    • Examples, stories, metaphors, quotes
    • 5 things you need to know to have a lucid dream
    • Lucid dream powers, and dream examples
  • Optional Follow-up meeting 1 week after to share dream experiences in a group. (7pm August 7th)
  • Take home handout explaining step-by-step instructions on a lucid dream technique everyone in the group can try out.
  • A DVD of “Explorers of the Lucid Dream World”
  • Optional dream supplement that increases dream vividness or herbal dream tea mix.
  • Meet other interested dreamers

Sunday 7:30pm July 31st 2011
Tickets Cost $15. RSVP.
Located in North Park at: Mystic Water Kava Bar
3811 Ray Street, San Diego, CA 92104

Dream Harvesting

November 7th, 2010

Making dreams vivid and meaningful in your life is much like tending a garden. Imagine you have a piece of land. If you did not do anything with it, plants would still grow. There would be weeds, and the native plants that grow naturally. But if you took that same piece of land, and consciously plant seeds, you can harvest the dreams that nurture your spirit, and have a profound meaning you can remember for the rest of your life.

Tree of DreamsDream Harvesting is a topic I sometimes talk about when I am doing a presentation on Dreaming. I most recently did this presentation at the 10 day “Dreaming and Awakening” retreat in Hawaii put on by the Lucidity Institute. I gave each participant a seed as a symbol for the potential of their future dreams. This presentation has been featured on June Lemos’s website: The L.U.C.I.D. Project ( Looking Up Characters In Dreams ). She is an avid lucid dreamer, and participated in the Lucid Dreaming retreat.

There are 4 steps to Dream Harvesting. The 1st step is learning about dreams, and setting your intention of what you want to experience. The 2nd step involves planting seeds, and preparing your bedroom for dreams. The 3rd step is called Dream Tending and involves recalling, and sharing dreams you experience. The 4th step of the cycle happens when you have a vivid and meaningful dream that you want to share and remember for the rest of your life. This is one of the most powerful gifts from the dream world.

Read more…

Daily Sleep and Dream Cycle Graphs

June 25th, 2010

A couple of times a year I do a presentation on Lucid Dreaming. It is often accompanied by a screening of the 12 minute documentary I made in 2004 called “Explorers of the Lucid Dream World.” During this presentation I try to convey as much useful information to the audience as possible. There are a few things that everyone should know about sleep and dreaming in order to become lucid. sleep dream circadian rhythm pie chartOne of these things that everyone should know is when dreams occur.

After searching the internet for graphs and chart to use, and not finding one that clearly illustrates the sleep cycle, I decided to make my own, and offer it to others to view and re-use. To learn more about the Circadian rhythm and the Ultradian rhythm in regards to sleep and dreaming, take a look at the site I made:

Learning Wisdom from Lucid Dreaming

August 24th, 2008

Lucid Dreaming is on the frontier of inner exploration, and self discovery. Many people could benefit from its potential for personal growth, and raising mental awareness. The lessons that the dream world can teach us lead to wisdom, and better decision making in life.

Flying in a lucid dreamPursuing lucid dreaming is an act of introspection and self exploration. Everyone’s dream world is rich with themes and lessons that are universal for all people, but are presented in a way that applies to the dreamers personal life. By becoming lucid in a dream, the dreamer can consciously take part in the virtual world created by their mind.

Every decision the dreamer makes immediately effects the dream world, and the dreamer can experience the results of there thoughts and emotions as they play out. For example if a dreamer sees something dangerous and focuses on the fear they feel, the dream will become more scary. nightmares and be bad or good If the dreamer sees something dangerous and instead, focuses on curiosity while knowing that they are safe in a dream, the dream will shift and the dreamer can learn about what the dangerous situation actually represents in their life. Overcoming fear is just one of the many lessons lucid dreaming teaches.

I believe lucid dreaming is an important concept that our society needs to learn about and experience. That is why I promote lucid dreaming and encourage people to try it out. I have made a documentary DVD that can help you on your journey:

Dreaming and Awakening

June 13th, 2007

Dreaming and Awakening 2004

Back in October 2004, I attended a 10 day retreat on Lucid Dreaming in Kalani Hawaii. Kalani is a beautiful secluded tropical retreat on the south east side of the big island. The Lucidity Institute did an excellent job presenting information on lucid dreaming, and making the experience interesting and entertainning. I really enjoyed all the talks from the experts such as: Dr. Stephen LaBerge, Dominick Attisani, Dr. Fariba Bogzaran, and Keelin. The other people in the group were also fun to hangout with and hear about their experiences. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone interested in expanding their understanding and experiences with Lucid Dreaming. Below is information on the next retreat coming up:

Dreaming and Awakening

The Lucidity Institute warmly invites you to join us for Dreaming and Awakening, a 9-1/2 day residential training program devoted to Lucid Dreaming, Consciousness, and Dream Yoga with Stephen LaBerge and friends, October 1-10, 2007, Kalani, Hawaii. Come explore the wondrous Land of Odd with us! Special rates offered for alumni, groups of three or more, kama’aina (residents of Hawaii), and early registrants. A few partial scholarships may also be available. For details see:

Lucid Dreaming – A gift to our youth.

February 20th, 2007

Virtual Reality Dream World

Wouldn’t it be great to have you own virtual reality holodeck? A place where you could have any experience you could imagine, and it would feel completely real. The experience you could learn from would be endless. You could live out your fantasies, do the impossible, face your fears, or explore other worlds. This holodeck would be a unforgettable gift for a lifetime of experiences.

What if I told you this room does exist, for a small few, who have mastered the ability of lucid dreaming, otherwise known as cognizant dreaming. These fortunate few have learned the skills and techniques required to have an enriched dream life which they use to enhance creativity, explore other worlds, and gain insight on their life. Most skilled dreamers learned the ability of lucid dreaming as a child. Anyone can learn how to have a lucid dream.

Castle in the mind

If you haven’t had a good lucid dream, but wish you had, it is most likely because when you were a child, nobody taught you how or why to dream. Now is your chance to teach a child you care about how to lucid dream. Talk to them about their dreams. Give them a dream journal. Show interest in their dream life.

Lucid Dreaming is a gift adults should give to children.
Give a child the potential to create their own world within.
To master the world within, teaches deep universal wisdom and inspires creativity.

To learn more about Lucid Dreaming, check out the DVD
Explorers of the Lucid Dream World:

Lucid Dream on ABC Good Morning America

February 6th, 2007

ABC Good Morning America Special on Lucid Dreaming On the first weekend of February 2007, ABC broadcasted a short segment about Lucid Dreaming which highlighted the fact that anyone can learn how to control their dreams. This short segment barely scratched surface of the tip of the ice burg on what lucid dreaming is about, but it is great to see the subject covered on a nation wide news channel. Hopefully this segment will inspire more people to learn about their dreams, and ABC Special on Lucid Dreamingexplore this incredible state of consciousness.

Video of the segment titled “Control your dreams”:

ABC Good Morning America Article:

“Control Your Dreams with Lucid Dreaming”

Explorer of the Lucid Dream World DVDAbout 1 week before that segment aired on ABC, I was contacted by the producer of Good Morning America Weekend. She requested to use footage from a documentary I directed called “Explorers of the Lucid Dream World“. Of course I agreed, and some of the footage from the documentary was used during the segment.

Explorers of the Lucid Dream World” DVD is an excellent resource for learning more about how to have a lucid dream. It includes interviews from world renowned dream researchers, such as Dr. Stephen LaBerge, who was also interviewed on the ABC Good Morning America Special mentioned above. You can obtain a copy of this DVD by visiting the official website:

Explorers of the Lucid Dream World DVD