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The Whole Being Weekend

September 14th, 2015

Whole Being Weekend The Whole Being Weekend is an all-inclusive, Heart Opening, Mountain Top Retreat with Cabins, Meals, & Workshops, in Idyllwild, California on the weekend of September 19th 2015. I redesigned the website to make it more functional and attractive. The home pages features 2 horizontal photo sliders, Parallax backgrounds, Introductory Video, and 3 calls to action at the bottom.

Update. The site has gone down as the organization is no longer putting on this festival. So I have moved a backup copy as an archive: www.Bulbmedia.com/oldsites/thewholebeingweekend.com

I also did some video work for them by interviewing some of the organizers and volunteers to make an introductory welcoming video:

Other video interviews are on their Youtube channel:

Click here to view the Whole Being Weekend Website 2015

Whole Being Weekend 2015 Website Homepage Screenshot