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The Whole Being Weekend

September 14th, 2015

Whole Being Weekend The Whole Being Weekend is an all-inclusive, Heart Opening, Mountain Top Retreat with Cabins, Meals, & Workshops, in Idyllwild, California on the weekend of September 19th 2015. I redesigned the website to make it more functional and attractive. The home pages features 2 horizontal photo sliders, Parallax backgrounds, Introductory Video, and 3 calls to action at the bottom.

Update. The site has gone down as the organization is no longer putting on this festival. So I have moved a backup copy as an archive:

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Installation Services of San Diego – Responsive Design

August 1st, 2013

Installation Services of San Diego website launch screenshot 080113Installation Services of San Diego website launch screenshot Respnosive Design080113This week I launched a new website for Installation Services of San Diego Inc. I setup this website with a responsive design template on WordPress Content Management System (CMS). It is a fully functional lead generating website, with room for growth. There is still some more content and information to add, as well as some functionality improvements I will make over the next month or so.

Responsive Design refers to a layout technique that adjusts to fit whatever browser size or mobile device you use to view it with. That means if you view this website on a tablet, or smart phone, the website will adjust to fit within that screen size. The image to the right is a demonstration of the responsive home page being viewed on a thin browser such as an android phone. Everything lines up vertically.

You can try it within your browser by going to the site: then re-size your browser to be smaller, and observe how the element shift places.

Installation Services of San Diego is a company that has a wide range of products they provide to their customers. The website needs to be flexible enough to portray this array of services, while also focusing on the services and products that sell the most. The site’s primary purpose is for lead generation and consumer confidence. When a company has an easy to use and informative website, it reflects on how the company operates and sets up a good first impression.

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Digital Printing and Graphics – Better, Faster, and for Less

July 17th, 2013 website screenshot August 2013Digital Printing and Graphics is a print company in San Diego that hired me to setup their website. As a consultant I pay close attention to what the client wants and focus on providing the best solutions for their unique situation. They already had some graphic design work done, and wanted a simple website that allowed them to edit and update over time. They also wanted a better way for clients to transfer files to them. Read more…

American Stirling Company Website

August 14th, 2012

Stirling Engine Animated ExplanationI have been doing website re-development on the American Stirling Company website. The new site has now launched and is fully operational. The site sells stirling engines and related products. A stirling engine is a mechanical engine that runs on heat differential. One side of the engine is heated, while the other side is kept cool. the greater the difference in temperature the faster it runs.

My job for this website re-development was to re-built their old site to have a back end content management system and a new shopping cart that is integrated with their drop ship company API (Application Programming Interface). This means orders are processed and sent out to the customer automatically. I did not do the graphic design work or structural design for this site. I was asked to keep the site looking and functioning identical to the old style. So although the style of the site is old fashioned, the programming behind it is fresh, functionally and optimized.

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You Can Lucid Dream

April 10th, 2012

You Can Lucid Dream LogoI have been teaching lucid dreaming techniques and information for the past few years. One of my goals is to convey as much information in as short of time as possible. Recently I organize it down to 7 things you need to know to have a successful lucid dream experience. These 7  things can be shared within 10 minutes, but each subject can be expanded on and talked about for hours. When I have more time to go into details, I use metaphors, quotes, stories, and examples to make the presentation more interesting. Read more…

Vehicle for the Soul 17-Minute Online Documentary

December 13th, 2011

Vehicle For The Soul DVD CoverVehicle for the Soul: Qi and Coherence is a 17-minute documentary on the Eastern perspective of energy movement in the body known as Qi mixed with the Western science of bio-feedback. It was fueled by creative passion to explore and share inspiring health information to family, friends, community and the internet. I collaborated with LeAnne Thomason who is a skilled acupuncturist, healer, and close friend who shares this vision of spreading health, wellness, and uplifting wisdom.

We decided to use audience participation, 3D animation, and formal interviews to make it as engaging and beneficial as possible. It was internally funded and supported by donations and volunteers, which gave us the freedom to take the project in any direction we wanted. It was an incredible experience that we learned a lot from. Our vision was larger than what we had made time for, so within the year we worked on it we only completed the first part of a three part script. Recently we have put the documentary on our website to be watched online for free. Hope you enjoy it.

Learn more about Qi, Breath work, and heart coherence, by clicking “Watch” from the main menu of the Vehicle for the Soul website:

Quote Lotus

August 24th, 2011

Quote Lotus Logo LargeI created Quote Lotus in August 2011 to spread some of the best quotes, jokes, and videos I have come across on the internet. The slogan is “Simplify Life, Elevate Purpose” (Henry David Thoreau) because the site is about being inspiring and informing while keeping it short and simple. A lot of wisdom, knowledge, and humor can be contained in a quote, or a well made short internet video.

Quote Lotus is the 2nd generation of a mirco-blog website called Link Lotus which I designed using custom PHP code and a flat file database in 2006. Quote Lotus instead uses WordPress as a content management system allows for a lot of additional features such as E-mail subscription to receive updates weekly.

Center for Infinite Health

June 28th, 2010

Center for Infinite Health LogoThe Center for Infinite Health is a place for improving health and wellness on all levels. The practitioners offer a wide range of services from Eastern medicine, nutrition,  and wellness coaching. Located in Santa Barbara California, I have been fortunate to work with the Founder LeAnne Keller Thomason on several projects including the development of the website:

Vehicle for the Soul progress

November 29th, 2009

Vehicle for the Soul - Promotional Video screen shotOver the past few months the creative process has taken it’s course, and we have been guided through many challenges and accomplishments. We have filmed six interviews with experts, written a strong three part script, created a 3D animated and textured model of the interior of the human body, and edited together a 1 minute promotional video.

The message of the documentary has shifted and strengthened as we have learned more and refined the script. A strong emphasis is on engaging the audience visually, and mentally. It allows for audience participation, as we teach how to enter into a state called Heart Coherence.

The best is yet to come. For more information about our progress visit the Vehicle for the Soul website:

Preventative Maintenance using nBackup

February 11th, 2008

nBackup data protection Shield logoIt is inevitable that your computer will break. It is just a question of when. What files would you lose, if you computer’s hard drive crashed right now?

nBackup is an automatic scheduled online data backup application. It is designed to copy all of your important files onto an encrypted server online. If you computer breaks or you need to access one of your files, you can log into nBackup and restore all or some of your files to any computer with an internet connection.

It is easier and cost less to sign up for an automatic backup service now, than to attempt to recover or remake your data once it is lost. nBackup is the simplest solution to protect your data from future unpredictable disasters.

To visit the old nBackup site I designed, visit the following link:

Link Lotus – Rise Above the Clutter

August 20th, 2007 is a collection of worthwhile quotes and links which are dynamically submitted by anyone who has wisdom to share. We welcome you to submit your favorite quote, or deepest wisdom.

Rise above the clutter. \/\/isdom.

I am the creator / moderator of the site. I use it all the time. The quotes are Epic!

It is a spiritual place which goal is to aid people in gaining a greater understanding of life. Link Lotus can also be set as your home page. If hand selected quotes of wisdom brighten your day, and enlighten your mind, then this is the place for you.