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eMerge – Live Music Jam & Time Merge San Diego

January 10th, 2012

eMerge Logo Designed by Richard HiltonFriday, January 13 2012 at 8:00 PM
Mystic Water Kava Bar San Diego
3811 Ray Street. North Park, 92104.

I am co-hosting a re-occurring event that has music and socializing. It features networking that is similar to speed dating but for creative projects. It is called a Time Merge. Each person will get to speak 1 on 1 with every other person who takes part, allowing 2 minutes each to pitch an idea and get feedback. The goal is to practice pitching ideas, getting feedback, and finding other creative people to potentially work with.

Time ClockMore about Time Merge:

Share your project or an idea one on one with each person in the group for feedback and to seek out other creative people to work with. Creators and thinkers from all walks of life are welcome to take part.

Time Merge participants pair up and share one on one about a creative project they are working on. It works similar to speed dating. 1 person gets to speak for a few minutes, the other person gives feed back and can highlight what skills or contributions they could make to the project. Make your pitch quick! Everyone will get a new partner every 5 minutes or so until everyone has spoken one on one with everyone else, and all of the projects have been shared.

During the break, participants can take part in the live music jam, or socialize.

Time Sharing:

If two people agree they want to collaborate on each other’s projects, they can work for a set period of time on one project, then rotate and work for the same amount of time on the other project. Collaborators can also come to any other arrangement they agree upon, such as meeting at a future time and location.