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Why MicroFiber

What is MicroFiber?

Actual microscopic view of the Ultra-MicroFiber. One strand of Ultra-Microfiber is several hundred times smaller than a fine strand of cotton fiber.

How does it clean?

The hypo-allergenic, non-abrasive wedge shaped microfibers scoop, lift and trap dirt, dust, grime and moisture without scratching. The fibers are lint-free and non-abrasive.

How do conventional fibers clean?

Traditional cloths do not pick up dirt particles because of the rounded surface of the fibers. They simply push the dirt around.

Cut labor and production costs up to 50%; means more profit!!

Clean better, stain less, absorb more, dry faster and do all this using less chemistry, time, and labor.

Microfiber cloths can last up to 25 times longer than most natural or synthetic products.

Improve job performance and customer satisfaction.

By giving clean, dry, bright surfaces.

Test results show Microfiber can reduce bacteria levels by 96%.
Add some chemistry and Great Things can Happen!!!!!!

Microfiber just simply works better than other products!

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