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About Edge Tech Industries, Inc.

For eight years Edge Tech Industries has provided and sold only the best Ultra-Microfiber. We sell only woven cloths because they are more dense as the fibers are more tightly compressed in the production process. Therefore they last longer and maintain their size and shape better than knitted products. They can be laundered 100's of times at bacteria killing temperatures.

It is very important that the company you purchase your microfiber products from understand the subtle differences between all of the blends, styles, colors and textures that are available. Whether you are cleaning your home, office, automobile, stone, hardwood or carpets we always offer you the best products for your needs.

At Edge Tech Industries, all of our staff is well trained in all of the microfiber requirements for any of your potential needs. If you have questions, feel free to call for our advice.

Phone: 1.800.250.2440

Microfiber just simply works better than other products!

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