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MicroFiber Cleaning Products

After years of finding, and testing ultra-microfiber cleaning products, I've learned a lot about cleaning. Chemicals and sprays are not necessary, but the right cloths, dusters and mops are. From our Microfiber factories in Korea, China, and Indonesia here are the best. These cloths and mops can be used wet or dry. Throw them in the wash and they're ready to go again in no time.

microfiber mopMicroFiber Mops

Microfiber mops are more absorbent than conventional cotton loop mops; the positively charged microfibers attract dust (negative charge) and the tiny fibers are able to penetrate the microscopic surface pores of most flooring materials. These advantages make microfiber an effective mopping material.

over 10 million sold Wet they scoop, lift, and trap tough dirt, grit and moisture. The fibers are lint free and non-abrasive.

microfiber clothsMicroFiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are the "new way" in cleaning technology. It attracts and holds grease, dirt, dust, and bacteria. Absorbs 7 times it's weight in liquid. They are tough on dirt, gentle on surfaces. Use wet or dry for a clean, dry, bright surface. Automotive approved.

Microfiber just simply works better than other products!

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