Love: The Open Secret

Love is here without reason.

You’re not in love with a person, no.
You’re not in love with a place, a substance, an object, even an experience.
Every ‘with’ can crumble, die, be forgotten,
lost to memory.

No, this love stands on its own.

You are in love, not with a person or a thing,
but you are in love.
That’s it.
You are in love.

That’s the only reliable love.
The love that stands alone.
The love that cannot leave.
The love that will never abandon you.
The love that never came.
The love that cannot be broken.

The love that is closer to aloneness.
And a hair’s breadth from loneliness.
And a portal to the most astonishing freedom.

A love that encompasses the stars, the moon, the Sun,
and all inhabitants of this strange planet called Earth.

A love that makes you sing for no reason.
That makes you throw off your clothes and dance.
That makes you weep unexpectedly.
That breaks your heart open a thousand times a day.
That cannot be put into words.
That stays with you throughout times of joy and great sorrow.
That follows you into the fires of hell.

This love is reliable.
This love is real.
This love is safe.
This love is cosmic, yet so intimate.
This love is your very own presence,
your deepest sense of fulfilment.

It doesn’t come from outside of you.
It cannot be ‘found’ –
that is the greatest illusion of all!

You are in love for no reason, friend,
and they’ll never understand.
And they never need to.

Because love is yours.
Love lives in you.
Love is the open secret.

– Jeff Foster

Posted in: Poems, Quotes January 18th, 2016

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