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  • “Even after all this time The sun has never said to the earth ‘You owe me’ Look what happens With a love like that It lights the whole sky.” -Hafiz Read more →

  • “Cultivate time with people whose companionship elevates you. Get together with friends regularly to share a meal, meditate, and read and discuss spiritual readings.” ~ Eknath Easwaran Read more →

  • A well dressed sales person approaches someone on the street, and says “would you like to buy this mouthwash for $200?” The person responds, “no, that’s far to expensive.” The Sales person offers “What about for $100?” the person responds by saying “That’s still too expensive, stop bothering me.” The sales person pulls out some brownies, and offers one to the person, apologizing for being rude. The person takes a... Read more →

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