Darkening of the Light

“At this moment of the winter solstice, when in the rhythm of the seasons the day is shortest, there is an ancient calling to remember the Earth. And from within this darkening there arises a cry that we hold the light that is present, the light that is within our self and within the spiritual body of the world. At our present time so much has been lost, so much has been destroyed, desecrated by our endless desires, but those of us who are aware of the sacred need to hold what is left, hold it in our hearts and real awareness. The light of the sacred needs our care and protection. Without our relationship to this light nothing new can be born, and the darkness will devour any real hope. We are needed to hold true to life’s deeper purpose, to stay attuned to the heart of the world and life’s essential message of love, however the drama in the outer world unfolds.”

I Ching – Hexagram 36
“The light has sunk into the Earth:
the image of Darkening of the Light.”

—Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Adapted from Darkening of the Light,

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