The 11 Maitri Precepts

The 11 Maitri Precepts
Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha

1. Never discriminate on the basis of name, appearance, complexion, gender, class, belief, community, power, position, or qualification; even discard differentiating between the concepts of material and spiritual.

2. Having become acquainted with the Eternal Dharma, the Path, and the Guru, respect all religions and beliefs.

3. Forsake lying, allegations, counter-allegations, belittling and spreading falsehood through baseless gossip.

4. Forsaking philosophies or ways that make boundaries of divisiveness and difference of opinion, take up The True Path.

5. Following The True GuruPath throughout life, renouncing evil actions, always remain intent in union with The Guru Essence.

6. Not having reached Enlightenment oneself, do not seek to prove what it is with clever words; and, while still in confusion, do not make others confused.

7. Renouncing such demonic conduct as killing sentient beings and violence, consume wholesome food.

8. Do not hold narrow-minded opinions about people and countries on the basis of national identity.

9. Engaging oneself in the pursuit of The True GuruPath perform actions that benefit the Earth.

10. When one realizes the Truth, The GuruPath takes form, so achieve Enlightenment for all Sentient Beings.

11. Staying in the highest and deepest mind (chitta) be free from all bondage by having understood within the self many precepts.


– Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha

Benefit self and all sentient beings by practicing these precepts being internalized by all sangha members.

May all understand that these precepts are not to bind, rather they are the way to liberation from all bondage.


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