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nBackup is a scheduled online backup application that automatically encrypts and transfers your important files and documents to a secure data center. These files can be access by you or your administrator at any time.

Eliminate Risk

If you don't have a scheduled backup system, you are at great risk of losing all your data. Hard drive crash, natural disaster, thief, or a virus could destroy all your files. nBackup eliminates that risk. learn more


Is Your Data Safe?

What would you do if your hard drive crashed right now? If you currently do not have a scheduled backup service running on your computer, you are at great risk of eventually losing all your files. This includes:


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Where would you be tomorrow,
if you lost all your data today?

Why take that risk?
Protect your data with nBackup

  • Online Data Backup
  • Scheduled Automatic Upload
  • Easily restore your files anytime
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Automated Encrypted Protection

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In the age of paperless environment and databases, most business rely so heavily on computer networks and data that any loss of data could mean lost of time, money, and business.

nBackup is a scheduled online backup solutions that is easy to setup and use. After you have installed it, you will receive confirmation e-mails to ensure your data is being updated successfully. Our unique service of daily off-site backups and unlimited bandwidth usage makes data protection automatic, and secure.

nBackup is capable of backing up an Exchange Server, SQL database, Linux, Mac OS X, or a Windows desktop. It is easy to setup, and can ensure you never lose your data for years to come. Every time you create or change a file, nBackup will transfer the most recent file to the backup server. It then sends you an e-mail confirming that the backup was successful. This will ensure you will never lose your data again.

Our mission is to provide to our customer the simplest and most reliable service. From large corporate databases, to your personal baby picture or that perfect vacation video last year, your data is protected. You can backup daily, weekly, monthly or annually, no headaches or hassles. Try it out to experience the benefits.

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