Vehicle for the Soul is an entertaining, educational and inspiring documentary that uses audience participation to get people involved with breath work, and inner wisdom. The 17 minute documentary was successfully completed within 1 year of production. Distribution involved public screenings, Airing on The Santa Barbara Channel Community TV station, and shown online through Culture Unplugged festival called "Spirit Enlightened". It is free to watch online by anyone. The core vision has been accomplished.

At this time, the Vehicle for the Soul project is in hybernation. The project requires additional funding, a solid business plan, and inspiring partnerships in order to continue moving forward with a grander vision. We are open to feedback in input from people who believe in this project.

Old Grand Vision

As the pieces begin to fit together, the Vehicle for the Soul project will grow in different ways. At the center are multiple documentaries that entertain, educate, and promote health and wellness. Each short documentary will feature an inspiring and relevant health topic, and interviews with experts about those topics.

The website would ideally have a directory of extended 30-minute interviews on specific subjects. We would seek out specific experts to talk on those subjects. This directory of interviews could be made flexible to continue growing as we attend different talks, and seek out particular gurus. pay per view digital content section would allow website visitors to watch an extended interview for about $4 each. DVDs could also be sold and mailed for a $20 donation. This money would fund additional interviews and short documentaries.

Vehicle for the Soul LogoA feature-lengthened documentary would bring the concepts together and create a powerful, interactive and inspiring presentation that would reach a wide audience online and in theaters. A 90 minute documentary would require a huge commitment from multiple members of the Team. It could only be started when the time and resources are available.

Vehicle for the Soul will be a hub for experts to present esoteric or vital information about the human body in the context of spirituality and for filling life purpose. If you share this vision we encourage you to contact us, and contribute in any way. We also accept Donations.