Documentary Information

Vehicle for the Soul is a short documentary about energy flow, also known as Qi, and the many levels of movement it creates in the body. Through the lense of acupuncture, breath work, and biofeedback, this film allows us to examine the bridge between the mind and body. 3D animation, formal interviews, and audience participation are used to create an entertaining and engaging presentation on the vehicle we all have in common; the human body.

Every one of us has access to unlimited personal and spiritual potential. It is up to us to align ourselves with this path of excellence, use the tools at our disposal, like Breathwork, to elevate ourselves and hence elevate the planet. Vehicle for the Soul is a product of our commitment to uplift ourselves and to support others and their ‘vehicles’ on their path of life.

This documentary is an independent production and a work in progress. Watch the 17-minute documentary called "Vehicle for the Soul: Qi and Coherence" online by clicking here. You are welcome to get in communication with us for any reason.

Thank you for your interest and your support.
Blessings to you on your journey,