Transformational Flow of Love and Hate


Deep in the forest the creatures and plants,
Flow with the force that natures grants.

Sometimes there is love sometimes hate,
Sometimes there is choice and sometimes fate.

A peaceful rabbit chews on leaves and grass,
Near a flower who’s beauty none surpass.

There are many things in this forest alone.
From love to hate to love I have grown.


At the birth of a friendship there is nothing so sweet
Both creatures transform as their energies meet.

To show and tell, to give and receive.
To smile inside, laugh and be seen.

This union is not as common on Earth
So we all seek it out and respect what it’s worth.

But when two creatures’ love is not the same,
The connection they have is a different game.


As a river flows into a great lake,
A friendly mouse gets eaten by a snake.

When one creature acts with an negative force.
It often causes some kind of remorse.

Loves turns to sorrow, anger then hate
I try to let go, but I can’t think straight.

I get obsessed with the thought that no one cares.
They smile and laugh but there is no love to share.

I would be able to heal from a hug held tight,
To cushion the heart and diffuse the fight.

But that’s not what happened and I made a mistake.
I chose to act on my sorrow and hate.

I expressed my anger to a close friend.
which caused the friendship to be brought to an end.


As a Caterpillar who’s life was spent in a crawl.
Rests on a branch where he could easily fall.

Feeling alone as he spins a cocoon.
Knowing that life will end soon.

From dark to light to dark to dreams.
The illusion of death is not what its seems.

When one creature hates, they both are torn.
The death of one thing allows more to be born.


The life of the Caterpillar slowly submerges.
his spirit transforms as a butterfly emerges.

With wings that allow a new feeling of flight,
A higher perspective brings a clearer sight.

There was a time I lived in the dirt.
I ask for forgiveness from all I have hurt.

Love or hate could have been chosen above.
I let go of the past, I now choose love.



Poem by Richard Hilton, December 2011.

Posted in: Poems December 29th, 2011

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