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Worthwhile Links

The Connected Universe:
Posted: 02-25-17

End Citizens United.
Posted: 02-25-17

Explore Lucid Dreaming With These 4 Intense Movies
Posted: 02-14-17

2 Advanced Lucid Dreaming Experiments For Brave Adventurers
Posted: 02-14-17

How To Have A Lucid Dream with Binaural Beats Tonight
Posted: 02-14-17

23 Insider Resources To Lucid Dream Like Crazy
Posted: 02-14-17
Posted: 02-14-17

How to Lucid Dream And Direct Your Night-Time Fantasies
Posted: 01-26-17

The 12 Principles of Forgiveness
Posted: 12-25-16

Humane Eating Project - search for all Humane options (vegan, vegetarian and humanely-raised) near you:
Posted: 11-7-16

It is my hope that this blog can bring a little more love, a little more peace,
a little more joy, into the lives of those who visit, and so, into this beautiful world:
Posted: 10-26-16

Help shift power away from political insiders and Washington cronies, back to local communities:
Posted: 09-26-16

Stop the Presidential Debate Cartel - More voices, more choices:
Posted: 09-26-16

Balanced Rebellion -
a Bipartisan solution to the corruption of the 2 party system:
Posted: 09-14-16

The perfect high, Shel Silverstein
Posted: 08-4-16

Supermeat - Real meat without harming animals.
Posted: 07-17-16

Posted: 06-22-16

The American Anti-Corruption Act makes it illegal to purchase political influence and puts power back in the hands of the people.

Criminalize Corruption.
Posted: 06-6-16

Break Free shows what the climate movement can do in 2016: Unwavering resistance. Fierce solidarity. Courage by the gigaton.
Posted: 06-5-16

What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?
Posted: 05-1-16

A social & environmental campaign inspiring healthy use of the world’s natural resources:
Posted: 01-22-16

We must reverse Citizens United, Restore our Democracy, and Save the Republic. Join the Fight for Free and Fair Elections in America!
Posted: 01-20-16

Educate, Inspire, Change:
Posted: 01-18-16

Racing Extinction:
Posted: 01-3-16

Find Good Restaurants Near You that user local, sustainable food:
Posted: 12-12-15

The Master Shift:
Posted: 11-8-15

Shots of Awe - Jason Silva Videos:
Posted: 10-31-15

Nature Doesn't Need People.
People Need Nature.
Posted: 08-31-15

The Kronies:
Modern Day Action Figures
Posted: 07-9-15

Documentary (52 minutes) about Hemp
Posted: 07-9-15

Cowspiracy -
Documentary film that environmental organizations don't want you to see:
Posted: 07-6-15

water the great mystery Hellenic subs
Posted: 06-28-15

Posted: 06-18-15

Live a Great Story.
Watch video features from across the country about people, businesses and movements that inspire
Posted: 06-15-15

Synchronized Global Meditation
Every Sunday 3 GMT (8am PST)
Posted: 05-30-15

Sacred Economics Movie:
Posted: 05-24-15

Stand for Trees:
Posted: 04-23-15

Posted: 04-21-15

Posted: 04-21-15

Posted: 04-21-15

Posted: 04-7-15

The Choice Is Ours (2015):
Sustainable World Civilization
Posted: 03-26-15

Posted: 03-22-15

Posted: 03-22-15

Meditation Society of Australia -
Meditation audio Classes:
Posted: 03-8-15

End The Cage:
Posted: 02-19-15

World Sound Healing Day:
February 14, 2015
Posted: 02-10-15

Dudeism - "Just take it easy, man."
Posted: 02-2-15

The Fifth Sacred Thing:
Posted: 01-28-15

The Living Universe:
Posted: 01-21-15

Dream Box - Burning man short video:
Posted: 01-21-15

Cosmic Symbolism:
Posted: 01-11-15

Mind Expanding Documentaries
Posted: 01-10-15

If the Earth Treated Us the Way We Treat the Earth
Posted: 01-9-15

Court Rules Orangutan Held In Argentina Zoo Is 'Non-Human Person' And Can Be Freed:
Posted: 12-22-14

Big History Project:
Posted: 12-1-14

Posted: 11-30-14

Posted: 11-30-14

A delicate balance - the truth.
Posted: 11-29-14

The 1to1 Movement started with a simple idea- we can all be part of the solution.
Posted: 11-14-14

Meatless Mondays
Posted: 11-14-14

Posted: 11-4-14

Ambition the film:

CHASING A COMET - The Rosetta Mission
Posted: 10-26-14

Choice, Awareness, Day in, Day out. This is Water.
Posted: 10-16-14

"Animals Should Be Off the Menu"
- Philip Wollen
Posted: 09-6-14

Zero Tolerance For The Lie -
Talk by Michael Tsarion:

"No human being who is in their center can ever be hypnotized."
- Michael Tsarion
Posted: 09-3-14

Part 3 of The Bloom looks at the �New Ways Of the Sacred� that have emerged in Transformational Festivals
Posted: 08-28-14

Urban Farm Online - Sustainable City Living:
Posted: 08-20-14

Posted: 08-18-14

Posted: 08-18-14

The Shift: A movie made by a movement:
Posted: 08-15-14

Buycott is a phone app that helps you to organize your everyday consumer spending so you can fund causes you support and avoid funding those you disagree with.
Posted: 08-12-14

Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?
Posted: 08-11-14

Thoughts From Within - Woody Harrelson
Posted: 08-2-14

Documentary about Animal Rights:
Posted: 07-22-14

Make Love. Not War.
Posted: 07-15-14

A free browser extension that exposes the role money plays in Congress.
Posted: 07-7-14

May Day PAC
Reduce the influence of money in politics!
Posted: 07-5-14

Alan Watts - Give it away and it will come back
Posted: 06-23-14

Compassion in the world farming
Truth about Marketing farm products to you:
Posted: 06-11-14

Posted: 06-10-14

Posted: 06-10-14

Posted: 06-10-14

Posted: 06-10-14

The Long Game: Brilliant Visual Essays on the Only Secret to Creative Success, from Leonardo da Vinci to Marie Curie
Posted: 05-25-14

Fed Up
with Rising Childhood Obesity Documentary Info:
Posted: 05-8-14

The Drinkable Book:
Posted: 05-6-14

The Future of Energy Documentary:
Posted: 04-29-14

Kymatica (2009) Documentary
Posted: 04-16-14

Years of Living Dangerously - Documentary:
Posted: 04-8-14

Anti-corruption Act:

McCutcheonUnlimited Bribery. Unlimited Corruption.
Posted: 04-6-14

Sacred Commerce:

Sacred Commerce - 1 minute explanation Video:

More Videos:
Posted: 03-29-14

Enigmatic Chill-Out Lounge Session HD:
Posted: 03-17-14

HOME - Full Documentary:

Home Trailer:
Posted: 02-21-14

Posted: 01-25-14

Collective Evolution inspires us to begin expanding our way of thinking so we can take conscious steps towards creating BIG change on the planet.
Posted: 01-21-14

Speaking Tree:
Community for spiritual networking in India. Watch Satsangs Videos, Connect to spiritual gurus for inner peace by mediation and also find Spiritual Quotes, sayings and verses of spiritual leaders.
Posted: 01-11-14

Home - Documentary
Posted: 01-5-14

2013 what a year! - Jib Jab:
Posted: 12-20-13

Share and follow books worldwide:
Posted: 12-14-13

Watch Wellcast
In this twice-a-week quirky, animated show, we explore the physical, mental and emotional paths to wellness.
Posted: 12-8-13

Information Beautiful - Data Visualized:
Posted: 11-30-13

Dhalai Lama's Guide to Happiness
Posted: 11-24-13

Who Are We, Truly?
Posted: 11-21-13

Water: The Great Mystery
Posted: 11-21-13

Bricks that use bacteria to produce natural cement... Mushrooms that replace Styrofoam... Non-toxic, organic paints that eliminate mold and absorb CO2
Posted: 11-19-13

Solar Powered Dryer! (That isn't a clothes line).

Posted: 11-15-13

119 documentaries to expand your consciousness:
Posted: 11-13-13

How to Heat a small room the organic way - for less than 15 pence per day.
Posted: 11-12-13

Community and access to tools on sustainable culture.
Posted: 11-12-13

The Eleven Maitri Precepts
Posted: 11-6-13

Represent Us - Anti-corruption Act:
Posted: 11-6-13

Educate Inspire Change:
Posted: 11-3-13

Be amazed as sour foods turn sweet:
Posted: 11-1-13

Welcome to the Anthropocene
Posted: 10-31-13

Aluna - Documentary about nature and natives:
Posted: 10-15-13

Maha Sambodhi Dharma Sangha Guru
The Boy With Divine Powers - Discovery Channel Documentary
Posted: 09-20-13

Beautiful Dedication to Mother Earth:
Posted: 09-18-13

The Dream Of Life - Alan Watts

Youtube Video playlist from:
Skull Babylon ∞ Rebirth from Within
Posted: 09-17-13

Giving (3 Minute Story) TrueMove H :
ทรูมูฟ เอช
Posted: 09-17-13

Jam Session Metaphor for Sex:
Posted: 09-11-13

How schools kill creativity - Ted Talk Ken Robinson 20 minutes:
Posted: 08-24-13

Films for Action:
Posted: 08-17-13

The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence
Posted: 08-15-13

National geographic channel full episodes:
Posted: 08-10-13

Spirit Science:
Posted: 08-5-13

Culture Unplugged - Film Festival TV:
witnessing global consciousness, with documentaries & films from story tellers around the wrold
Posted: 07-19-13

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Part 1 - Akasha
Posted: 06-26-13

EvolverNet TV
Posted: 04-22-13

TragedyandHope is a YouTube channel dedicated to creating inspiring, informative and life changing videos.
Posted: 03-17-13

Sci Show:
SciShow discusses science news and history and concepts. With equal parts skepticism and enthusiasm, we go a little deeper...without going off the deep end. Well, most of the time anyway.
Posted: 03-16-13

Lucid Dreaming Supplements Guide:
Posted: 02-6-13

Posted: 02-3-13

Watch Top Documentary Films for free:
Posted: 01-20-13

Words of My Perfect Teacher!
Posted: 01-16-13

The Collective Vortex of Change: Building a Campaign:
Posted: 12-20-12

Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian Civilization.

Adamu Speaks:
Posted: 12-20-12

Spirit tube:
Posted: 12-19-12

Internet Story
A 9 minute fast-paced and experimental film told through fragments of internet videos, animations, blogs and news articles.
Posted: 11-15-12

An interactive 3D visualization of the stellar neighborhood, including over 100,000 nearby stars.
[Requires Chrome Browser]
Posted: 11-14-12

Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?
Posted: 10-25-12

We Become What We Think About:
Posted: 10-21-12

Destino-Salvador Dali- I Gaer - Sigur Ros!
Posted: 10-20-12

The Return to One 2012:

Awakening as one:
Posted: 09-21-12

The Science of How Music Enchants the Brain, Animated"
Posted: 09-17-12

2 minute news Daily:
Posted: 09-5-12

Choice point- align your purpose (documentary)
Posted: 08-31-12

Turtle Medicine � Ancient Memories
Posted: 07-22-12

Agora Voice TV:
Posted: 07-8-12

2012: Time for Change
Posted: 06-30-12

Good things are well within our collective grasp:
Posted: 06-29-12

Lucid Dreaming, Embracing Nightmares
Charlie Morley - Ted X San Diego 2011
Posted: 06-14-12

The Century Of The Self (Full Documentary)
Posted: 06-14-12 - Free file upload service
+50GB Space
+100GB Traffic
+No Ads
+No Delays
+Affiliate Program
Posted: 06-8-12

Caveman Blogger Fights for Free Speech and Internet Freedom:
Posted: 05-29-12

2045: A New Era for Humanity
Posted: 05-27-12

Massive Health Data Infographics:
Posted: 05-2-12

Sirius Documentary:
Posted: 05-2-12

Community Planet Foundation:

Posted: 04-20-12 try this one about Bahrain and this one
Posted: 04-7-12

Solar Cooking:
Posted: 04-6-12

The Free World Charter:
(Money free society)
Posted: 03-29-12

Forks over Knives Documentary Trailer
Posted: 03-18-12

Posted: 03-12-12

KONY 2012
Posted: 03-7-12

There's No Tomorrow
An elegant animation about energy resources.
Posted: 03-6-12

The Happiness Matrix:
Posted: 02-27-12

Human Planet - BBC Trailer
Posted: 02-23-12

"Beyond Me" is a documentary film about Consciousness, Karma and putting an end to human suffering:
Posted: 02-19-12

Daily meditation practice:
Posted: 02-5-12

Wonderful 3d medical animations: ---- Demo Reel ---- plenty of medical and health animations
Posted: 01-30-12

Lucid Dreaming Supplement:
Posted: 01-18-12

Unite for the People:
Posted: 01-17-12

SERIOUSLY! The Future depends on play (trailer)
Posted: 01-10-12

Carrot Mob: Vote with your Money
Posted: 01-5-12

Occupy Love
Chronicling the heart of Occupy Wall St. and beyond

Posted: 12-10-11

The High Price of Materialism
Posted: 12-10-11

Green Gift Giving!
Posted: 12-10-11

Thrive (Full Documentary Movie):
Posted: 11-20-11

Revelations - Awakening As One -
11:11:11 Next Influx of Cosmic Energy
Posted: 10-28-11

Crazy Wisdom (Trailer):
A film about the life and times of Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche
Posted: 10-22-11

Notes from the Universe:
Posted: 10-3-11

Posted: 09-22-11

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