eMerge - Speed Networking

eMerge is a speed networking event that works similar to speed dating, but for creative projects. Each person will get to speak 1 on 1 with every other person who takes part, allowing a few minutes each to pitch an idea and get feedback. The goal is to create discussions around developing ideas, and to find compatible interests and good chemistry with other creative people. Creators and thinkers from all walks of life are welcome to take part.

Participants are welcome to talk about any type of idea or project or business concept.The amount of time each person gets to share will be determined by the number of participants. Time to share will be between 2-4 minutes each. We’ll leave room afterwards for you to continue the conversations and setup your creative dates.


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Who: Creative People

What: Speed Networking

When: Dec 2015

Where: Jinbucha, San Diego, CA

Why: To network with other creative people 1 on 1.

How Much: $5 Suggested donation. Plus 1 drink minimum